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Alabama Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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Alabama Wedding & Portrait Photographer

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About Lauren

A look into my life, story, and why I simply Love what I do

Photographer. Teacher. Wife & Mom. 

Let's just say that between these titles, I stay pretty busy, but I seriously wouldn't trade it for anything. I studied Art Education at TCU and earned the title of art teacher. Eventually I made my way from Texas to Alabama where I earned two new titles, wife & mom (those are my favorite!). 

I now so passionately serve with the title of photographer, which has led me to so many amazing people! I serve gorgeous couples, talented seniors, adoring moms, and precious families. And I would love to tell your story! 

Hey Im Lauren

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My sweetheart, soulmate, and biggest support. Going on 6 years together (12 since we met / started dating!), this guy has been with me through all of my ups and downs. 

Trevor James - My Rock

My mom is every bit a part of why I am who I am today.  A single mom & and an only child, she has been my absolute rock through every moment of my life. 

My Mom 

Everly Rose, my spitting image stubborn as all get out 1 year old who is utterly obsessed with books (right now). She is a tricky daredevil that I'm sure will give us a heart attack one day. 

Everly Rose

My beautiful little 3 year old red head with a personality that lights the world, and much more intellegent than I could ever have dreamed. The one that made me a mom. It's never a dull moment with this little queen. 

Ella Grace

These two right here. My babies. Aside from Trevor, my true love, these two little girls are my world! Both of our girls are rainbow babies, our precious gifts from God - Ella Grace & Everly Rose.

My Why

Secretly I'm an introvert who loves going to bed at 9:00 Pm. I thrive off productivity, passions, and photographing moments of great love and joy. 

Although I'm an art teacher, I'm not overly into crafting, but I love painting & photography. I have very balanced left and right brain tendencies which means I  am very thoughtful, well planned, and meticulously detailed yet also artistic, creative, and poetic at times. 

A little bit of Me

All my Love

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