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Ever wonder how people just seem to figure it out? What programs do they use, what works, what doesnt? This is 100% how I felt stepping into the business side of photography and let me tell you, I was searching high and low for all the answers. 

Well naturally as an educator, I want to help others with all the business tips and tricks I know. No program or strings attached. Just transparently sharing my business experiences with other photographers. 

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My presets, CRM, Email service, and more. 
Free to help others who are learning just like me! 

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KJ Preset

Editing and presets can really be a lot. But My absolute favorite go to is the KJ preset process. Absolutely no sponsorship here. I simply love it and use it to edit ALL of my images. 

My favorite combo? Bold I or II, Shadows brighten, Peachy warm with cooler greens, Color boost with orange reduce. Wondering what that means? Uniquely this preset has selections that allow for more customizations- even better

You can find the process here. I love KJ and her education - truly invaluable. But her preset basically makes my editing that much better!

The KJ Store



After trying to figure out the best CRM, I found my fave - Dubsado.

Dubsado makes me more successful than I ever imagined. With intuitive workflows, customizable forms & templates, my business runs smoothly because I have an amazing CRM. 

Use my link to get 20% off your first year!

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Client Management

Pic - Time

I've tried a few galleries and landed recently with Pic-Time.  Each has its own pros and cons but right now, this gallery is serving me so well. I can use it for mini sessions with limited downloads or full weddings. The unlimited plan has me set with no galleries ever expiring.

Clients comment on its user friendly-ness and that is a major bonus for me! The sales automation is a business MUST.

Pic - Time



I cannot go any further without giving credit to the most amazing, intuitive, website platform there ever was. Showit.

I am an art teacher. I've created websites on 3 other platforms. Maybe more. And when I tell you I wish I had found showit SOO long ago, it would have made my life so much better. Don't even hesitate on this one. Showit is everything you will ever need. 

Fun fact - showit sends you a text when someone fills out the contact form on your site. How cool is that!?

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Culling images can be SO challenging. Checking each one for duplicates, eyes opened or closed, etc. 

I save HOURS of time using After Shoot, an AI culling software that automatically categorizes and selects images. Of course I proof the selections and can make changes but the TIME I save is phenomenal! 

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Image Culling

Red Tree - Fundy

Fundy Website

Design & Print

I use millers for most printing needs but Red Tree ESPECIALLY for albums! Their QUALITY products and unparalleled craftsmanship is top notch. 

Album design is a BREEZE with Fundy and they can DIRECTLY order through RedTree without leaving the software. How easy is that! I use to think album design was complicated or challenging but Fundy and  Red Tree together it is a breeze!!! 

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