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Walk along side me and learn together, go behind the scenes at my portrait sessions, review materials one on one, and learn how to build a business from scratch.

I don't want to sell you a guide or a template. I'm sure you can find one or I could make one for you - but what I really want to do is walk with you through your journey.

As a full time middle school art teacher (along with my photography business) I know how to work with each student and meet them where they are. I provide mentorships as a one on one approach to give specialized instruction for each person, giving you undivided attention and serving your specific business needs. 

Now offering one on one education, full website reviews, and second shooting mentorships. 


Lauren Elliott

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Guidance, education, and business resources that will help elevate your brand and get you on track to being a top tier photographer.
From quick website reviews to long term mentorship options and a few freebies in between.

The Resources

downloads and more

full Website Review

Wondering what your clients first impression is? Let me take a look and give you an hour of design review. Plus receive customized practical tips to elevate your brand. 

Yes Please!

Upping Your Presence

Design & Branding tips

Simple, effective design tips that you can implement right now.

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Shoot With Me

Are you looking for second shooting experience AND someone who will teach you as you go? You found your girl. 

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